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Story Categories

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Living Video


  • 1: Community Living
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    Community Living

    Home to Hubs

    The future is connected, and the internet of things is the virtual network that will allow instant communication, and coordination, between us and everything that we use. Smart. Connected. Synchronized. From our home to our office hubs, our smart appliances, our cars. The internet of things is part of our community living!

  • 2: Health and Wellness
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    Health and Wellness

    Bots and Apps

    Technology through Human Innovation will have a greater role in the future of health and wellness. Electronic health records, fitness monitors, advanced treatments and medicines, and enhanced prevention, prediction and prescription are all examples of how technology will benefit this your health and wellness. Technology plays an ever-increasing necessity in treating the right patient, at the right time, with the right therapy, in the right location. 

  • 3: Future Learning/Careers
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    Future Learning/Careers

    Beam Me Up & Beyond Hadfield & Hawkings

    Our world changes daily and our growth opportunities are endless. No matter who you are, lifelong learning is essential. Today’s careers change quickly, and we need to keep up. In this category, we explore your future education and career. What will you learn in school? Will you attend class virtually? How will you impact Canada’s future through your career? Will your colleagues be robots? Canada’s education and career options are advancing every day — what will you be part of? Share your ideas!

Energy Video


  • 4: Powering Innovations
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    Powering Innovations

    Grid to Grid

    Technology and Human Innovation have and will continue to move resources through infrastructure grids, including power, gas and water to our homes, communities and businesses. It is people and companies behind the powering innovations behind the scenes who work hard to make sure that vital services from grid to grid are delivered to you —we have come a long way since the invention of the light bulb!

  • 5: Fuelling our Future
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    Fuelling our Future

    Next Gen Fuels

    Alberta's inventors, entrepreneurs and companies play a key role in the development of our vast energy resources—from enabling responsible industry growth, to improving the efficiency and environmental performance, and through technology and human innovations that drive the transition to the next generation of energy development.

  • 6: Adding Value
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    Adding Value

    To Wood, Water & Rocks

    Technology has enabled Alberta to add value to its natural resources by creating new products and services and careers.  Inventors, designers and entrepreneurial companies find ways to make new products many industries including fabrics, computer parts and car parts to export to the world.   

Travel, Tourism & Mobility Video

Travel, Tourism & Mobility

  • 7: Home to Highway
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    Home to Highway

    Future Travel

    Albertans like to hit the road. Whether we’re commuting to Edmonton or Calgary, driving to the mountains for the weekend, heading to work in Fort McMurray, or driving a few hours to visit friends or family, highway driving is part of life for most Albertans. This category explores innovations in vehicles, new driving technologies and the future of commuting in Alberta.

  • 8: Sky to Sea to Space
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    Sky to Sea to Space

    Experiential Tourism 

    Alberta is filled with tourist attractions: skiing in the Rockies, learning about dinosaurs in Drumheller, experiencing rodeo at the Calgary Stampede, visiting the world’s largest Pysanka in Vegreville and so much more. With so many places, activities and events to enjoy, it’s no wonder our travel industry thrives. This category explores the future of tourism in Alberta.

  • 9: Port to Port
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    Port to Port

    Trade & Logistics

    Albertans are constantly on the move. Each day we move everything from dirt to fuel to lumber to livestock all over the province. Our transport & logistics industry is fundamental to our business and trade -  moving everything from small packages to some of the world’s largest, most expensive equipment. Alberta’s commitment to moving goods safely and efficiently has attracted some of the world’s top transport and logistics professionals.  Share how Alberta’s transport & logistics industry has built Alberta, and will change how goods move in 10, 20 or even 50 years from now.


Performing Video


  • 1: Theatre
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    Act on Any Stage

    Our stories are told in bold ways when people enter any theatre space. Alberta's theatre community is rich with its diversity -  where our stories come together in collective spaces that define who we are. We can perform on any stage! This category is dedicated to the Canadian Theatre.

  • 2: Music
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    Play to Any Note

    From one end of Alberta to the other, music in its many forms, takes place every day! Classical music, popular music, country music, jazz music... music that is performed by professionals and by non-professionals. We can play to every note!

  • 3: Dance
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    Move to Any Step

    Everyone who feels the beat of their heart knows that engaging human creativity through dance allows people to enrich their heritage and culture, or to tell a story or make a statement. Dance provides current and future artists the expressive freedom to move to any step!

Design Video


  • 4: Buildings & Structures
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    Buildings & Structures

    Experiential Spaces

    Architects, Designers and Engineers have for centuries created spaces and structures of civilizations past and present: from towers to bridges and from offices to homes for Albertans. Imagine the ideas they will share using technology to create the experiential spaces of the future!

  • 5: Fashion & Wearable Tech
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    Fashion & Wearable Tech

    Experiential Fashion

    Alberta designers are making bold statements in fashion. Alberta’s fashion industry reflects where we live and how we live; it’s about our past, present and future. In this category we explore social trends, sustainability and social responsibility in fashion. We also look at how technology has infiltrated Alberta’s fashion industry with wearable technology, such as computers and biometrics weaved into fashion designs. 

  • 6: Industrial & Graphic Design
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    Industrial & Graphic Design

    Experiential Products

    Design concerns itself with the realization of the possible. Design is everywhere and impacts everyone throughout their lives. We are inextricably tied to design from the moment we wake to the moment we fall asleep each day. All of the man-made objects in our environment are a result of the design process. The chairs we sit on, the cars we drive, the phones we communicate with, the tools we use to work with are all the product of design.

Visual & Literary Arts Video

Visual & Literary Arts

  • 7: Visual Arts
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    Visual Arts

    Art on Every Walk

    Visual artists enrich communities across Alberta through such things as painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography.  The Visual Arts are rich in their diversity and the impact in all communities. This category is dedicated to the artist who make our Canada more beautiful.

  • 8: Film & Multi-Media
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    Film & Multi-Media

    More than Words

    Film & Multi-media artists can make statements through their films, videos, documentaries and other multi-media forms. They bring big ideas to life and communicate experiences and achievements with sound, imagery and graphics. 

  • 9: Literary Arts
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    Literary Arts

    Stories to Tell

    Literary Arts has a long tradition through human history. Writers, journalists and poets create powerful images in our minds through their words. This category is dedicated to Canadian storytellers.  

Culinary & Hospitality Video

Culinary & Hospitality

  • 10: Cuisine
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    Haute, Country & Indigenous Cooking

    We have an abundance of culinary styles and levels here in Alberta -  ranging from professionally (haute) prepared dishes, to homestyle (country) cooking, to Indigenous heritage foods. This category explores the diversity in Alberta's culinary scene, and Alberta produce! 


  • 11: Food Markets
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    Food Markets

    Local Food Markets

    Alberta has a rich bounty of local food producers. You are the entrepreneurs who offer "make it bake it, or grow it" Alberta fresh products for sale at farmer’s markets.

  • 12: Hospitality
  • close

    Star to Stars

    Great places to eat and stay can be determined by the service that a patron receives. You are the waiters, sommeliers, servers, concierges and hotel management and staff that make sure your dining and accommodations create a great tourism experience. 


Urbanization Video


  • 1: Heritage & Culture
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    Heritage & Culture

    Our People, Places & Ways

    Canadian life is demonstrated through the commitment to our heritage and the simultaneous development of diverse cultural communities - Our People Places and Ways. Heritage and culture are explored, celebrated, and built upon as we express and build on collective aspirations for the diversity and inclusiveness of our cultural communities. This category is for the stories that showcase Alberta's unique Canadian culture!

  • 2: Indigenous Voices
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    Indigenous Voices


    Throughout Canada, indigenous history is reflected in many of the stories and landscapes we see every day. The voices of indigenous communities speak to all Albertans as we collectively develop our shared future. The sacred respect and timeless connection with the land is integral to the Canadian experience of Albertans and to indigenous identity. 

  • 3: Neighbourhoods & Social Service
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    Neighbourhoods & Social Service

    Sustainable Communities

    A great neighbourhood starts with creative urban planning and design for "Places", our buildings, road and parks to connect "People", our citizens, cultures, and communities who grow and nurture neighbourhoods and build sustainable communities.  To flourish as a strong urban society, volunteers and social service organizations also speak and provide opportunities for newcomers and the vulnerable. Their stories speak to "Ways" of improving the lives of those who need a hand up, anytime, anywhere.  

Agriculture Video


  • 4: Urban Farming
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    Urban Farming

    More and more Albertans are paying attention to where and how their food is made. Food safety, availability, affordability and cultural appropriateness is top of mind. As a result, many people are producing their own food in city environments. Community gardens support these urban producers. Future solutions may include multi-storey hydroponic facilities, gardens on open land in cities, and new policy around backyard bees and chickens. In this category we explore urban agriculture — will it change how Canadians access food?

  • 5: Rural Livestock
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    Rural Livestock

    Alberta is famous for beef — and for good reason. Our province is close to major markets, and has 12 million hectares of pasture, abundant water sources, and a climate conducive to raising livestock. These excellent conditions not only apply to cattle, but also to swine, poultry, dairy cows, bison and elk. Our natural resources and industry innovations (like genomics, enhanced nutrition programs and best-in-class animal welfare practices) make Alberta a leader in livestock production. In this category we explore Alberta’s livestock industry.

  • 6: Rural Crops
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    Rural Crops

    Bright yellow canola fields, shimmering blue flax fields, and row after row of wheat and barley, these crops have always symbolized Alberta. However, our province’s agricultural landscape is changing. Field peas, lentils, faba beans, spice crops, sugar beets, hemp and more, our farmers supply food, feed and fibre worldwide. These new crops increase yields and pest resistance, and need less water and nutrients. Soil-saving techniques (like conservation tillage) and equipment breakthroughs (like GPS systems) improve land use and reduce crop inputs. Here we explore Alberta’s innovations in growing the crops the world needs.

Sports Video


  • 7: Anywhere Sports
  • close
    Anywhere Sports

    All over Alberta all kinds of people are staying active in all kinds of ways. From cycling, walking, running and swimming to hiking, mountaineering and orienteering, Alberta’s topography is made for sport. Anywhere Sports includes everyone at every level — here we explore basic locomotion to world-class competition.

  • 8: Summer Sports
  • close
    Summer Sports

    Summer in Alberta means sunny skies, green grass, and sparkling lakes, rivers and streams. Albertans flock to community playing fields, golf courses, beaches and boat launches. Our province has historically hosted major summertime events like the 1978 Commonwealth Games and the 2001 World Athletics Championships. The First Nations, Metis and Inuit have made great contributions to sport in Alberta through traditional indigenous games, canoeing and kayaking. This category covers summer sports — from putters to paddles.

  • 9: Winter Sports
  • close
    Winter Sports

    No one does winter better than Alberta. After all, this is the season that defines us as Canadians. Albertans — from the Rocky Mountains to the Prairies — wait for the first signs of the season with anticipation. As soon as that first snowflake falls, we bundle up, dust off our skates, skis, snowshoes and curling brooms, and get active. Here we explore winter sports — from skates to skis to stones.

  • 10: All Season Sports
  • close
    All Season Sports

    Alberta has top-of-the-line recreational facilities all across the province. This means many sports that were once regulated to seasonal participation are available to Albertans year round. Our modern rec centres draw in people of all ages and abilities to play sports like volleyball, basketball, tennis and badminton. In this category, we explore Alberta’s all-season sports.

Videos produced by Capstone Project, NAIT Digital Media