Kids and Nature in Canada

Posted on May. 17, 2017

What could be more Canadian than spending time in the great outdoors and protecting our environment!

A bunch of accomplished young role models from Roberta MacAdams School in Edmonton show us how Kids need Nature and Nature needs Kids.

The students have created a beautiful Nature Guide full of information about Albertan wildlife and watercolour paintings. With the assistance of the Neighbourhood Engagement Grant through the City of Edmonton, the guides have all been printed and are now on sale. All proceeds will be put towards projects to improve the habitats of the animals in the Blackmud Creek area - wow, way to go everyone!

They shared their story with us, and so too can all the classes in Alberta schools - we love hearing the about your passions and innovations! Vote for them or upload your own 2 minute video story!   

Kids in Nature Story

They are only in grade four but already published authors.  The students at Roberta MacAdams elementary think their nature guide is pretty cool.

So interesting, they submitted it to Canada150in150® as a story that should be celebrated at the country’s milestone birthday on July first.

Their story started one day on a walk in Blackmud Creek at a pond near the school.  The students noticed all sorts of animals and plants.  An inquiring mind asked the teacher, “Why don’t we research all the animals?”  And the beginning of a life, changing project began to take shape. 

They researched, took pictures and put material in a book. Then another curious mind suggested they publish it.  And next came an application for a city grant, a resume, and then a business plan.   It hit a crescendo with a book launch and the students didn’t stop there.   With the $3,000 made from book sales they intend to put back into the pond area with birdhouses and all sorts of gardens. 

It’s just kind of story Canada150in150 project wants to hear.  The Alberta project wants to celebrate everything that makes us unique, interesting and amazing.   One of the students, Nanuthi believes they have what it takes to grab some of the cash prizes.  “I think they should choose us because we are trying to convince adults that children should be in nature because it helps them explore and learn new skills.  It’s more than just sitting in school and doing math and stuff.”

Brody agrees.  “If you care for something you will love it.  And if you care about it nature won’t become extinct.  Nature is life.”  The nature project also has 9 year old, Conlan to ask more questions, including “Who discovered Canada?  Did Canada have a different name before it was Canada? Why is it 150 years old not like 300 or something?

Meghan Clifford, the students’ teacher says she has learned so much.  “They taught me it’s ok to let them guide me.  I don’t have to be the sage on the stage I can be alongside them and I can just let that curiosity flow and from that great things will happen. “

And it did.

For more information on the nature guide or to submit your own story Deadline for story submissions is May 26, 2017.


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