Ranking Criteria

How Stories are Judged and Awarded

All submissions will be ranked by our adjudication team on the following:

Overall Content

(Tip: Overall Content comprises the highest weighting score in the ranking of your story)

The content will include why the story is important to you, your friends, family, community, company or organization. Who is the story about, what is the key element of the story, where does your story take place, and when did it take place. Tell us about whether it is an aspiration (or idea), achievement (or goal) or an experience (historical or present day). 

  • Original
  • Creative
  • Compelling


(Tip: What in your story has or will impact other People, Places, Ways?)

Tell us how you think your story has made a difference or may make a difference!

  • Leads, empowers, and connects people
  • Challenges the world to grow
  • Inspiring ideas to create a future Alberta and Canada

Written Summary

(Tip: Your Written Summary should focus on giving a concise overview in less than 20 lines)

We do not expect everyone to be really good at writing, so no worries! Express your story in your own words and in your way.

  • Compelling highlights of the story reflected in the video

Relevancy to Category

(Tip: Read the Category Indexes to pick your category and view our sample video)

Yes there are many categories, and we know that there will be at least one that speaks to you! For instance if you were to choose All Season Sports as a category, share a story on the subject matter about any sport. It can be about a player, coach, volunteer, entire team, classroom or community league. 

  • Relevancy to the Theme, Subtheme, and Category 


(Tip: The quality of the production of the video we know will vary. However it is how the video connects with the viewers is what counts. We know that a video created on your cell phone will be different than one done by a professional and as such the greatest weighting will not be on this component. Just create a video that will make the viewer smile, laugh, be in awe and feel your story through in the delivery of your story).

Have a great opening statement and closing statement. If the video is not about you, you can film someone or something else, but you will need to narrate the story.  

  • Delivery of story and the impact.


(Tip: The earlier your entry, the more people will be able to view and vote on your story.)

  • Votes count towards your overall ranking, so make sure to tell your friends and family! It is not the greatest weighting factor. It can however determine if you rank as one of the top 150 stories!

The Judging Panel

The Canada150in150  Volunteer Adjudication Committee (150 Panel) are Albertans looking forward to receiving your stories. The 150 Panel (comprised of Canada150in150 Project Steering Committee Members) are Albertans who will be ranking your stories to select the 150 Award Recipients.